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Chatbot (GUI) for an online coffee shop using Deep learning and NLP (Python)


I have made a Chatbot GUI for an online coffee shop using python. This chatbot was made with deep learning with pytorch and some of the concepts of NLP. The GUI was built with tkinter library.

Language - Python

Concepts -

  1. Deep Learning with PyTorch
  2. Natural Language processing concepts like Tokenization, Stemming and bag of words. Nltk is used.
  3. tkinter library used for creating GUI.


Workflow of the project -

  1. Creation of intent.json file. This file is used as the training data for the Neural network model.
  2. Then I made a file. In this file NLP Preprocessing is done with the help of importing Natural language toolkit (nltk). Here various concept of NLP is used to make bag of words.
  3. Then we Create a file which will be used to train the neural network model with help of using the .json file. Pytorch lib is used in training. Numpy is also used in this file.
  4. Then create a model using Neural Network. Then I save and load the model.
  5. Create a This a file where the function of implementation of chat is defined which will later be called in the GUI file
  6. Created This file is used to built the Graphical user Interface (GUI) for the file The GUI is created with help of the library tinter.

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