Coders Packet

ChatBot using Flask

By Rajasree Unnithan R

This project aims to create an interactive Chatbot using the Flask framework in Python

ChatBot is an interactive software which mak online conversation with humans. This project is made with the help of Flask framework. It is used to simplify complex applications

1.Importing Libraries

Necessary libraries like Flask, Chatterbot, Chatterbot-corpus, and SqlAlchemy are imported into the program.

2.Creating Application

In this step, the Chatbot is created. It is connected to a database to store the responses.

3.Training the Chatbot

Here, the Chatbot is provided with the responses and it is trained inorder to get the appropriate reply for the user. Functions for displaying the response page and the replies are included in this section

4. Main Function

In the main function, the Chatbot is initiated and all the above steps are executed and redirected to the response page, where the Chatbot interacts with the User

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