Coders Packet

Chatting GUI in Python

By Priyanshu Pranjal Mahajan

This packet contains two Python codes to run a chatting GUI in Python based on sockets, multithreading, and Tkinter.

This packet contains two Python files with source codes to execute a chatting application based on Python GUI(Tkinter), sockets, and multithreading.
In this time of the pandemic, we are distant from our friends, family, and loved ones. This simple application will help you communicate with them in a little different manner which can also be a lot of fun.
Firstly install Python packages: socket, threading, and Tkinter.
Run to start the server and to accept connections. Then run on any machine. Input Host IP and PORT to connect to the server (For testing default and auto-detection of PORT is used if both server and clients are on the same machine). Enter Your name and start chatting with other people connected to the server.

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