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Client-Server Peer-to-peer Chat in Java

By Priyadarshini Gopal

Peer-to-peer chat system for client and server using Transmission Control Protocol(TCP) in Java

The system provides two programs - one for a server and one for a client.

1. Server:

    The server initiates a connection on a port of the localhost.

    Once a client connects using the port, the connection is complete.

    The server can chat with the client until the client asks to end the connection.

2. Client: 

    The client connects to the server on the port of the localhost.

    Once the connection is made, the client initiates the conversation.

    The connection can be ended only when the client enters 'end'.


The peer-to-peer chat communication is executed using the Transmission Control Protocol(TCP).

It can be used as a chat program between different users.

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