Coders Packet

Coding of the game “TIC TAC TOE” in JAVA.

By Tanisha Adhikari

The code of this project is targeted for the generation of TIC TAC TOE game using arrays and gives the insight into the world of games through Java.

Hey everyone!!! It’s been a long time and we are going to delve into the world of games today.

A popular common game – TIC TAC TOE can be easily designed with the help of two dimensional or 2D arrays and strings in Java. This is a two player game and it consists of three test cases as follows: -

  • “X” wins, “O” loses.
  • “O” wins, “X” loses.
  • Both the players are equally compatible, hence a “DRAW”.

When we think of developing games, we tend to think towards complexity involving java.awt or javax.swing and so on so forth. But this game is simply developed with the intention of showcasing the multiple uses of arrays and strings and how we can develop complex programs using simple elements.

Below is a sample output and the sample board is also generated at the top of the game so that it is user friendly: -

Download Complete Code


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