Coders Packet

Command Line Interface to save dates in Python using PyInquirer

By Shruti Solani

A command-line interface created using Python that gives the user option of either saving the date for an event or get the date for some event.

This packet is a command-line interface program created in python to help users to remember dates of important events. The library used is PyInquirer which needs to be installed before using this program. 

PyInquirer is a python module used for creating an interactive command-line interface. To install PyInquirer write the following command :

pip install PyInquirer

A JSON is also included in the packet. This file contains few general events already and will be updated as you use this program. Make sure you keep both the python file and JSON file in the same directory. 

To run the program :

1) Open the command prompt

2) Go to the directory where these files are saved

3) Run the program: python


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