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Complaint Management System using C++

By Vishal Singh

Customer can create a complaint and Administrator can create, view, update and cancel a complain of customer as well as own.

In the Complaint Management System there are mainly two part available.  

  1. Customer Part: As a customer he/she just create a complaint. At the time of creating complaint customer need to put the complaint number first then put the customer name then date of complaint. Write the complaint in word limit of maximum 1000.


  1. Administrator Part: As an administrator at first need to put user id and password. After successful authentication Administrator part accessed. Here at first admin can create a complaint then admin can view complaint by putting the complaint number. He/she can also update the complaint status of the previous complaints. If want admin also print the complaint by putting complaint number. After solving the complaint Administrator can cancel the complaint from the database. If any wrong complaint number entered in the previous mentioned operation it will show an error.

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