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Contact Book Management System using C++

By Manish Kumar Gupta

This project is a console-based project without graphics. It allows users to save and easily search for a contact, like a person's name, email id, mobile number, address, and many other details.

This project "Contact Book Management System (CBMS)" is designed in C++ using the concepts of file handling, classes & objects, data structures, functions, and pointers.

So basically, the main objective of the CBMS is to manage the details of the user. It manages all the details like name, email id of a person, address, work info, and even the user can modify this project according to his requirements.

How to use this system?

Here, you do not need to login into the system. You just run the software in your system and by selecting the appropriate(as per your requirement) options to perform all the operations.


1. Add contact

2. Delete any contact

3. Search a contact

4. Modify any contact

5. View your contact list

How to run the system?

After the successful compilation of the program, Mainmenu will appear on the console window, where you need to choose an option, to begin with.

All the options and their work is discussed below.

1) To add/create a contact

To add a person to your contact list select option[1], then you will be redirected to a new console window where you will be asked to enter all the required details of the person after entering all the required details, all the data would be saved/stored in a file using file handling concept.

2) To delete any contact

To delete a contact you need to select option[2], now you will be rendered to the Delete contact module. Here, you need to enter the mobile number of the person who needs to be deleted. After entering the mobile number the system will search for the specified mobile number and if found then it will delete the particular mobile number and send a confirmation message to the user that the contact requested has been deleted and if not found, then it will send a message to the user that this contact has been deleted or not registered.

3) To view your contact list

To view how many contacts you have just need to select the option[3], then the system will return all the data that are in the file, and if we don't have any contact registered it will return a blank.

4) To edit/modify any contact details

First of all, you need to select option[4] from the mainmenu. Then it will direct you to the Modify module. Now, you need to first search for the contact of the person in the file if yes then the system will return old details and will allow you to modify accordingly.

5) To search any contact from your contact list

To get a particular contact you have to select option[5]. Now, you will be asked to enter the mobile number of the person with whom you want to get the data. After entering the correct mobile number the system will automatically search for the mobile number in the registered contact file. And if found, it will return all the data of the requested person and if not found then will send a message to the user that this contact is not in the file.

This code has one limitation that this code has validation. So, while registering any person to your contact list, instead of providing the correct email id if you type a mobile number then the system will accept it as it will treat that as a string. But if you wish you can validate the fields.

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