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Contact Book using Python and Database


The project manages contact details and stores them in the database for any future use like viewing, editing, or deleting the records. I have also used SQL for dealing with Database


The project manages the contact details. It helps to organize them and edit or delete the contact details if not needed further.

We can do many operations in the project like:

1. Add new contacts.

2. Look for a specific record using a mobile number or Name or Address.

3. Display all the records.

4. Edit a specific record using a person's email.

5. Delete a record using a person's mailId.

The information is stored in a database file.

Packages Used:

The package that we are using in this code is sqlite3, tkinter

Command used to install this package is

                                     pip install tkinter

The GUI of this project will look as follows

Contact book GUI image

Download Complete Code


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