Coders Packet

Packets submitted by Anirudh C V

Shortest Prime Path in C++

Find the distance of the shortest path from Num1 to Num2 that can be attained by altering only single digit at a time in C++

Merge Point of Two Linked Lists in C++

We find the Node where the Two Linked Lists Merge in C++ by De-referencing any One Linked List and Iterating the other List

Convex Hull in C++

Use Graham Scan's Algorithm for finding Convex Hull in C++ from given set of points in the polygon

Solve Sudoku in C++

Solve an Incomplete Sudoku configuration in terms of a 9 x 9 Square Matrix with help of Backtracking in C++

MST using Kruskal’s Algorithm in C++

Find the Sum of Weights of the Edges of the Minimum Spanning Tree in a given Weighted, Undirected and Connected Graph of V vertices and E edges.

Union of Two Linked Lists using Merge Sort in C++

We traverse given two linked list and return a sorted list which contains all the elements from first and second linked list only once.

Singly Linked List in C++

We add new node at beginning and at end of a Linked List, find length of Linked List and search an element in it. We also delete a delete a node after a given position

Radix Sort using Counting Sort in C++

In this sorting method we apply Counting sort to given numbers digit by digit starting from least significant digit to most significant digit.

Breadth First Search in C++

We traverse the graph by Breadth First Search , find neighbours of each node and shortest distance of a node from its root node