Coders Packet

Packets submitted by G Ganga Jathin

Repeating DNA subsequences using Sliding Window Technique in C++

Finding repeating subsequences of size 10 from a given DNA sequence using sliding window technique in C++

Longest Common Subsequence in C++

Finding Longest Common Subsequence (LCS) of two strings using Recursion, Dynamic Programming in C++

Develop all possible Binary Search Trees with key values 1 to N in C++

Given the value of N (No of nodes), we try to construct all possible Binary Search Trees using Recursion in C++ Programming Language.

Coin Toss Program using C++

Building a Coin Toss program using the rand() function of the pseudo-random algorithm in C++

Finding Longest Increasing Subsequence using C++ and Dynamic Programming

Here we find the length of the Longest Increasing Subsequence(LIS) using C++ Language and by Dynamic Programming

Loop Detection in Linked List using C++

Using Floyd's Algorithm in C++ language to detect loop or cycle in a Linked List which we build ourselves

Solving Sudoku using Backtracking and Recursion in C++

This project is focused on Developing the code to solve the sudoku puzzles by using the backtracking and recursion algorithms in C++ language to find the correct solution