Coders Packet

Packets submitted by Syeed Chowdhury Jahin

Intelligent Chatbot for CodeSpeedy Website Trained using ML dataset and Neural Network

Nora is an AI Chatbot trained to answer questions about services, products and basic questions whilst users browsing experience through CodeSpeedy Website.

Virtual Assistant answers questions from WolframAlpha and Wikipedia in Python

Nora is a virtual assistant built by speech recognition system which uses the wolfram API to fetch answers to questions , if answers not found ,it searches Wikipedia for the same.

Youtube Video Downloader and Mp3 Converter via Python

This Python program downloads youtube video singly or in batches and then converts them into audio format.

Stock Market Data Visualization of renowed stocks from Ticker and Stooq using DASH

Stock information is collected in two ways from ticker and from Stooq of renowned stocks like amazon, FB, Tata Steel,Pfizer, Moderna ,Microsoft,Twitter