Coders Packet

Packets submitted by UDDESHYA PANKAJ

Travel Planner App (Real Life Based Example)

This App is used to find the shortest distance from source node to destination node, but I have added Plane travels as well as Bus travels.

Real Life Project to Minimize Transactions among friends in C++

This project is based on Split-wise app which is used to minimize the number of transactions for making debit and credit functions smoother which is implemented in C++.

Grundy Numbers Concept in Game Theory (C++)

Grundy Number is a number used in Game theory which defines the state of the game. Through this concept we can define a impartial game like the (Game of Nims) in terms of Grundy.

Z Algorithm Implementation in C++

Z Algorithm is a pretty fast Pattern Matching Algorithm. It searches for a pattern in a text, and its time complexity is O(m+n). I have implemented the Z-algorithm in c++.

Fenwick Tree implementation in C++

Implementation of Fenwick Tree in C++ that finds a sum of a given range in a given array.