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Conversion Calculator using C++

By Anuja Barje

Conversion calculator is a simple project using C++ language in which converts a binary to decimal, octal to decimal, binary to octal, and vice-versa.

This project named conversion calculator is done using C++ language. It converts a binary number to decimal number, octal to decimal, binary to octal, and vice-versa. The conversion is done by user-defined functions.

This is a user-friendly program where the user has to first select which type of conversion does he/she wants. He can select the below options from 1 to 5.

Conversion calculator 1

After selecting the type of conversion the user needs to enter the number and then press the 'Enter' button. After which the answer is displayed.

Conversion calculator 2         Converion calculator 3

You can observe that in the above images after entering the required conversion type and input number, you will get the correct output. If you press any other number rather than 1 to 5 you will see a message showing an invalid choice.

Conversion calculator 4

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