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converting documents using Java application


This projects deals with the conversion of documents with different formats : html, xps, doc, docx to pdf.

convertMe is the application used for conversion of documents to following formats:

1. doc to pdf.

2. docx to pdf.

3. xps to pdf.

4. html to pdf.

5. pdf to docx.

This project uses following jars / dependencies as followed:

1. aspose.word 16jdk

2. spire.pdf

you just need to select the format of file and then you need to select the file. After selection of file you need to save it with the following format you required for example, if you want the file from pdf to docx then select a pdf file and save it with the extension name.docx.

then your converted file will be appeared on the given path and name.

you can only convert one file at a time.

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