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Converting the SwiftUI Toggle Switch into a Checkbox

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

This packet contains the struct that conforms to the ToggleStyle protocol in order to change or convert the SwiftUI Toggle Switch into a Checkbox.

This packet contains the complete swift that shows the example of converting a SwiftUI Toggle Switch into a Checkbox. The toggle control of SwiftUI can toggle a value between true and false.

If the value of the toggle Switch is on, the value is true, otherwise, it will be false.

The default SwiftUI toggle looks like you can see in the image below:

SwiftUI default toggleBut, in this packet, we are changing the looks and feels that makes it something like you can see below:

SwiftUI Toggle CheckboxBelow is given the GIF image so that you can easily understand what it is going to look like:

Checkbox in SwiftUI

As you can see in the above screen recorder, you can able to on or off the checkbox to make the value of the state variable true or false.

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Submitted by Faruque Ahamed Mollick (frkmollick)

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