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Country Wise Visualization and Prediction of COVID-19 using ML

By Romita Kundu

The main aim of this project is to visualize and predict the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 country wise in state level by using Machine learning in Python.

This is a project by which the corona virus cases are visualize worldwide in a country specific way by using Machine learning. The main aim of this project is  to visualize the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic at a local level . In this project the country wise visualization of the number of cases in this year is done . This shows covid data table for several countries in state level . The table includes the number of confirmed cases, deaths, recoveries, active cases, incidence rate, and mortality rate. Importation of the data is done on a daily basis.  This gives us the information at a local level. After that bar graph visualization is done. This offers us some insights for how different countries/regions compare in terms of covid cases. This gives us a big picture of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. After that pie charts visualization is done. Although pie charts are not necessarily the most informative visualizations, I added them to increase some variety for the visualizations. 

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