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Courses Management System using C++

By Sandhya yegireddi

The course Management system is a C++ Project in which we can add, delete, edit, sell and buy courses.

The Course Management System is a Project in which we can add courses, delete courses, edit courses, buy and sell Courses. 

We are studying many courses in our life for our career management for improving our knowledge and developing many skills. Everyone enrolling in new courses daily for improving our Performance and for gaining confidence. The course is a basic step for the development of things like technology, agriculture, etc, so Guidance for development is provided by the courses we learn.

In this Course Management System, we are having the facilities to add courses to the database, delete courses from the database, edit courses in the database and buy and sell courses. This Project is developed using files which used to store data in files this system.

In this system, there is information regarding the course mentor,course publisher, cost of the course, and duration of the course such that the details are useful to enroll in a required course as per our choice.

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