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Covid Tracker India using Python

By Rohit Ambesh

In this I have used Panda and NumPy for tables, and Folium for maps to track covid cases in each state by using Python

Library used

NumPy , Pandas, Folium, lxml


This python code is created and generated in the Jupyter notebook. To run this code in Jupyter , open this ipynb in jupyter notebook and in Kernel select Restart & run all. you will observe some tables and at the end map.

The first table shows the latitude and longitude of respective states. Second table represent the condition of covid in each states . In third table we removed unnecessary rows from table 3 and in forth table we combine table 3 and 1. At the and we deploy data on map using folium.

Getting the data

For latitude and longitude we took data from and web-scraping is done using pandas since only tables have been extracted. And for covid data we used Wikipedia .

Download Complete Code


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