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By Pavithra P

The covid vaccine slot reservation system helps the user to book the slots for their preferred vaccine.

avail(): This function is used to view the available vaccine.

install(): This function tells the user to enter the vaccine number from the chart given.

allotment() :This function is used to reserve the slots by giving certain information like name,, area, city, vaccine number, slot number to be booked.

If the user enters the slot number that is already booked then it displays the text as “The slot no. is already reserved” and again the user have to enter the slot number to be booked.

show(): This function is used to display the booked slots with the name of the person that have booked it and the unreserved slots with text “EMPTY”.

exit(): On entering the option 5 it exits the program


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Submitted by Pavithra P (Pavithra11)

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