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Covid19_Vaccine_Finder using Tkinter in Python

By Nitish Kumar

The application is based on Tkinter in Python and is used to find vaccine for Covid19 in India using Cowin API.

The user needs to run the file using Python. Once that a GUI based application will start and the user can follow the instruction to find the vaccine slot. The options that the user get are:

  • Search By (PIN or District)
  • Depending on the selection either enter PIN or select District from drop down menu.
  • After step 2, the user needs to apply filters for the vaccine (like vaccines type, cost, min age, dose type)
  • Once the filters are applied the application starts the search for the vaccine which the user chose.
    • If the vaccine is found the user gets a prompt that slots are found and displays the details.
    • If there is no slots for the vaccine the user selected, the application keeps on searching for the slots every 5 mins until a slot is found or the user terminates the program.

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