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Credential Saver Using C++

By Sunkara Sri Ranganadh

This C++ application enables you to save multiple user names and passwords of a specific platform.

'Credential Saver' is the sample project for managing the credential details. The main moto of this application is to enhance credential management using the CPP language.


When you run the application you will find below tasks as specified below: 

Adding New Credential : You can add a new credential by providing the user name and password. 

Search by User Name : This feature enables you to search for the password by specifing the user name, if it is in the stored data you will get the password.

Search by Password : There is a possibility that you may forget the user name but still you remember the password. In this case you can search the User name by entering the password.

Show all the credentials : This feature enables you to look at all the saved credentials.


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