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CRUD Operation Using Java Servlets

By Kriti Bhawsar

This project contains different Java classes, Java servlets, HTML, and XML files to perform CRUD(create, retrieve, update, delete) operations. This project uses GlassFish server 4.1.

Servlet technology is used to create a web application (resides on the server-side and generates a dynamic web page). The following program contains four folders-
1. Web Pages- Contains index.html file which is a form to get user information.
2. Source Packages- This folder contains four different packages which have different Java classes to establish a connection to the database, retrieve information from the registration form, save information to the database.
3. Libraries- This folder has different libraries for MySQL connectivity and GlassFishServer.
4. Configuration Files- this folder has a web.xml file that has the configuration of the servlet web app.

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Submitted by Kriti Bhawsar (bhawsarkriti)

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