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Custom Map Marker Annotations in SwiftUI Map View

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

This is a complete project where you can see custom Map markers added using annotations in SwiftUI map view.

This project is based on this SwiftUI tutorial. You can follow this tutorial to learn more about yourself.

This packet is a complete runnable project. In this SwiftUI packet, you can we have used the MapKit framework to create a map view. We have created a struct to identify the locations where we have marked the annotations.

We created the array of the Location type and pass it to our map view. You can find that we are using circles to mark the map and also show the location names.

I recommend you download the project and run it by yourself, and add more locations in the array to check out the changes.

The project is in zip format. You can unzip it and open the project in Xcode.

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Submitted by Faruque Ahamed Mollick (frkmollick)

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