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CV generator in Python using doc

By Sahil Mallick

This Python code is used to generate CV . By using this you can save your time to create your own CV , you can also make some changes in this code it will modify in your docx file .


I've used the docx package in this code . For downloading the docx package you need to type this command on your terminal

pip3 install Python-docx 


and use this library that we've installed by typing the above command " from docx import Document" , this statement is saying that from the library that we just installed we're going to import this document.


here is the sample of how the CV will look after running the code, you can modify the code according to your use . You can also add some other packets like text to speech one for that you have to install the pyttsx3 for the command here is example "pip3 install pyttsx3". you're free to add header section this code will save your time to build the CV  

Download Complete Code


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