Coders Packet

Demonstration of File Handling and Collections with example of Student Database using Java

By Shaunak Sensarma

Here, I have implemented file handling in Java with ease of understanding for beginners. For the Manipulation of the data, Java Collections Framework has been used.

The packet displays marks of students based on their registration number. Displays the class highest, lowest, and average marks. It also displays the unique subjects taken by each student based on their registration number.

Steps required to run the packet

1. Must install JVM.

2. Install Eclipse, Netbeans, BlueJ, or any other IDE.

3. Open the code and go to line number: 15

4. Set your required file path as per your wish. See that it is a valid path. Eg: "E:\\projects\\StudentRecord.txt".

3. Compile the code.

4. Run it.

After running the code. Enter the details as required. All updates will be visible in the text file that has been created in the folder/path that is mentioned in line number 15 of the code.

Collections Frameworks used:

1. HashMap

2. Set Interface

3. ArrayList


Download Complete Code


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