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Detection of Early Stage Breast Cancer through Image Processing Techniques using MATLAB

By Shaik Haseeb Ur Rahman

In this Project, the early stage of breast cancer is detected using Image Processing Enhancement and Segmentation techniques.

**Note : The tool used is MATLAB, configured with Image Processing Toolbox so that all the image processing functions can be applied to the image. So, make sure to configure your MATLAB application with Image Processing Toolbox.


First, a grayscale image of possibly affected breast is read, then thresholding is applied with 0.1 value, in the next step the breast part is extracted through Background Subtraction, then this background-subtracted image is multiplied (Multiplication of images) with the original image to get an image with only the breast part without background. Seed-based Region growing Segmentation will be applied to the image to segment the pectoral muscle and then the output will be reached by applying Wiener Filter and CLAHE to the segmented image. Then binarization will be applied followed by opening to the image. Hence, we will get our required output. After getting the output, we will be clearly able to tell if the breast is at an early stage of breast cancer or not and also the parts that are affected by cancer.

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Submitted by Shaik Haseeb Ur Rahman (haseebshaik00)

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