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Dice Roller in C++

By Sahil Chutani

The Project is built in C++ using Atom Editor and MinGW Compiler. It randomly predicts a number between 1 and 6, hence it acts as dice and can be used to play games.

This Project is designed with an Attractive Front-End on the Console Itself. It can be used as a virtual dice on your pc to play board games or for any other activity that requires dice. It randomly generates a random number between 1 and 6(including both). It works with a predefined rand() function In C++.

8 functions have been created in this project other than the main function. 6 of these functions are used to print the Dice face one for each side representing each number. While the other 2 functions are used to initialize the header in the output console and the last function is to select a random number and call the corresponding function to print the correct dice face.

The Dice Face Created are:

The Final Output Console Looks Like:


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