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Dictionary App using JAVA in Android Studio

By Harsh Anand

I have made a dictionary app using Java and REST API in Android Studio. I have used Retrofit and Gson Converter to manage API requests.

I have made Dictionary App in Android Studio using Java which helps in finding different meanings of a word. First of all, the user will search a word using the Search Bar present in the app. After searching, that particular word is shown below the search bar. Different meanings related to that word are shown in a recycler view. Each Recycler View shows the different meanings, an example related to the word, synonyms, and antonyms related to that word.

We can also see which parts of speech is that word. Ex-noun, verb, etc.

The meanings, examples, synonyms, and antonyms of a word are fetched using dictionary API.

To use and manage API requests I used Retrofit Library and Gson Converter.


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