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Dictionary App using Python

By Sinjini Ghosh

A GUI-based English language dictionary application built using Python. Libraries used: Pandas and Tkinter.

This is a GUI-based English dictionary application. The name of the application is "Lexica". 

On running the program, a window pops up which shows the name of the app "Lexica". The window contains a search bar where the user can search the word whose meaning they wish to find out. On clicking on the "Search Button", the program displays a text box containing the meaning of the word the user searched for. The user can repeat the same procedure to search for more words. 

The app uses a CSV file containing an exhaustive list of words in the English language. 

Libraries used:

1. Tkinter: Tkinter is the standard GUI library for Python.

2. Pandas: Pandas is a Python library that provides ways to import a large amount of data and filter, modify and analyze the data. In this program, pandas is used to import and parse through the CSV file containing the exhaustive list of words. 


The zipped folder attached contains the following:

1. The main Python file containing the code

2. The CSV file used in the program



Download Complete Code


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