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Dictionary Application in Python

By Harsh Shailesh Bhandari

This Python Code acts as a real-time Interactive Dictionary that helps enrich the User's Vocabulary.

The following Python Code allows the user to search for the meaning of any word along with its pronunciation and application.

This package has a lot of room for input error since it uses the get_close_matches function that gives the user a choice to change his input, provided that it is a close match to some word in the database, guiding the user to spell his query correctly at the same time.

When the code is executed, the user simply has to input the word he seeks the meaning of. The code will keep running until the user wants it to stop.

When the user wants to terminate the code, he/she should press 0 and strike the Enter key, which will automatically close the window.

Dictionaries are the Primary source of Vocabulary in not only the English Language but every existent language in this world.

This Project will help the user to Enrich his/her Vocabulary.

The output will appear on the Terminal itself.

JSON and Difflib are the necessary pre-requisite modules to implement this code. However, both of these modules come built-in within Python.

Therefore, any external installation of modules is unnecessary.

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