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Different Characters in a String and its length using Python Programming language.

By Shaik Jilani

To find different characters in a given string and its length using the set method in the Python programming language.


A String is nothing but a data_type, which uses in programming languages, such as integers and floating-point units.

A String is a set of characters, may also contain numbers and spaces.

Strings are surrounds by either single quotations or double quotations.

 A = "jilani"


Character is nothing but a symbol such as an alphabet or a number.

 Let us consider a string "jillu505".

The different characters in the string are 0,5,i,j,l,u.

Explanation of code:

In this program, we take a string as an input. By using the set(), we can find different characters in the string. The Different Characters of the string will be print as the output.

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