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Digital Clock using Java

By N M Baibhab

A digital clock showing day, date, and time with a beautiful dark theme. To make the digital clock we have to use the thread and graphics classes and swing and awt packages.

Digital Clock using Java

This digital clock has been developed using Java. Jdk-15 and VSCode IDE have been used for the development. In this project swing, awt, and calendar package has been used.





JDK 11+                 


How to Run ?

-Download the zip file.

-Extract to your local system.

-Run cmd at the same destination.

-Go to the 'src' folder by the command:  cd src

-Now compile it by the command:   javac

-Now to run type command:   java App

-You are good to go. The clock is running !!




**To modify and experiment with code you need JDK11+ and an IDE.



Download Complete Code


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