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Stocks' Discord Bot in Python


This project of Stocks Discord Bot provides all information about stocks of desired company in discord channels messages using python library yfinance.

Stocks' Discord Bot is a bot for the Discord platform that gives us data about loads of different organizations as messages in chosen discord channels. The financial exchange is an unpredictable one and one requirements to remain refreshed about the stock rates to venture up one's exchanging capacities.Our bot will update the stock data everytime client questions and query orders for data, for example,

-Stock subtleties of desired organization for most recent a half year,

-Subtleties of different organizations plotted on a similar diagram for simple examination,

-Stock history of different organizations.

Pre-requisite Skills


Post Project Skills


Usage :

1.Install Python3
2.Install pip
3.Install all the prerequisites using : pip install -r prerequisites.txt
4.Extract the CSV files containing the stock details of a company: run
5.Use to plot it.
6.Set up a Discord bot ans add basic commands like update.
7.Run [companycode]

Setting the Discord stock bot :

Firstly, Import the yfinance, pandas, plotly and os module and download the CSV file containing stock details. Then, plot the closing price against the Datetime from the csv file using and export as a PNG file. The following code will help you out:

import pandas as pd
import csv
import yfinance as yf
import as px
import plotly.graph_objects as go
import os

company=input("Company Code: ")
dataa = , period="1d" , interval="1m")

#df = pd.read_csv('Stock.csv')
#fig = px.line(df, x = 'Datetime', y = 'Close', title='Tesla Stock Closing Prices against Time')

#cdf['Close'].plot(title="TSLA's stock price")

df = pd.read_csv('Stock.csv')
#ticker = yf.Ticker(company)

#cdf = ticker.history(period="max")
#cdf['Close'].plot(title="Stock price")

#trace = go.Scatter(x = cdf['Datetime'], y = cdf['Close'], name='Stock Prices of all years (in USD)')
trace1 = go.Scatter(x = df['Datetime'], y = df['Open'], name='Opening Prices (in USD)')
trace2 = go.Scatter(x = df['Datetime'], y = df['High'], name='High Prices (in USD)')
trace3 = go.Scatter(x = df['Datetime'], y = df['Low'], name='Low Prices (in USD)')
trace4 = go.Scatter(x = df['Datetime'], y = df['Close'], name='Closing Prices (in USD)')
trace5 = go.Scatter(x = df['Datetime'], y = df['Adj Close'], name='Adjusted Closing Prices (in USD)')
fig2 = go.Figure(data=[trace1, trace2, trace3, trace4,trace5] )
fig = go.Figure(trace4 )
fig.update_layout(title='Closing Prices against Time',
                   plot_bgcolor='rgb(230, 230,230)',
fig2.update_layout(title='Stock Prices against Time',
                   plot_bgcolor='rgb(230, 230,230)',

if not os.path.exists("images"):
    os.mkdir("images") = '/content/images'
fig.write_image("images/fig1.png" , engine="kaleido")
fig2.write_image("images/fig2.png" , engine="kaleido")
#fig3.write_image("images/fig3.png" , engine="kaleido")

Sending updates in Discord :

The primary thing that our bot needs is an approach to give us day by day decisive updates of the stock data of an organization. To accomplish this, we need to set up an instrument which gives every day End-Of-Day stock updates, w.r.t. an organization's exchanging information, as instant messages. After fetching the CSV file, send the required data  as a message to a Discord Server channel. The code is illustrated below:

import os
import random
from discord.ext import commands
from dotenv import load_dotenv

import discord
from dotenv import load_dotenv
import stock

TOKEN = os.getenv('DISCORD_TOKEN')
bot = commands.Bot(command_prefix='!')

client = discord.Client()

async def on_ready():
    print(f'{} has connected to Discord!')
    #print(f'Company Code of the desired Company')

async def on_member_join(member):
    await member.create_dm()
    await member.dm_channel.send(
        f'Hi {}, welcome to my Discord server!'

async def on_message(message):
    if == client.user:

    quotes = [
        'Hello, Hope you bought Pizza!',
        'Hello, Glad you are here!',
    if "$code " in message.content:
       quote = message.content
       codeparts = quote.split()
       code = codeparts[1] = code
    elif "hi " in message.content.lower():
        response = random.choice(quotes)
    elif message.content == 'raise-exception':
        raise discord.DiscordException
    elif message.content =='update':
    elif "Stockupdatesbot.logout()" == message.content.lower():
        await client.close()

async def create_channel(ctx, channel_name='real-python'):
    guild = ctx.guild
    existing_channel = discord.utils.get(guild.channels, name=channel_name)
    if not existing_channel:
        print(f'Creating a new channel: {channel_name}')
        await guild.create_text_channel(channel_name)

async def on_command_error(ctx, error):
    if isinstance(error, commands.errors.CheckFailure):
        await ctx.send('You do not have the correct role for this command.')

Note: Create a .env file and add the discord token in that file.

Now Your DiscordServer Start running for Stock Updates! :)

Download Complete Code


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