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Discover the networking world with Java programming language


This Project is based on networking here you will be able find the details of you network system. It is devloped with the help of Java programming language

This project has been devloped with the help of the "Java" programming language. 

This project contain following options :

Discover the World Of Networking :
1. Know the Host IP Address
2. Get Connected with a Web Server
3. Get Information about the URL
4. Check a File is Modified at a Server or Not
5. Get the file size from the server
6. Make a socket to Display message to a single client
7. Get the date of URL connection
8. Read and download a webpage
9. Find the hostname from the IP Address
10. Check whether a port is being used or not using Socket as an Object
11. Find the Proxy settings of a System
12. Create a socket at a specific port
13. Network Interface/Adapter Information using Java APIs
14. About the Project
15. Exit

You just have to select a option and you will get the desired result .

example - if you select option "1 " result will be :

The IP Address of The HOST
Your IP address : ANANT/
Your Hostname : ANANT


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