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DSU using Rank and Path compression in C++

By Prajjwal Chittori

This implementation takes the data structure and uses union by rank and path compression techniques to decrease the find operation to O(1) complexity and union to O(log n) complexity.

The given implementation of DSU saves
the sets as trees which are balanced according to the rank of the respective
elements in their sets.

Standard Libraries used in implementation-
* cmath
* vector
* list
* set
* map
* iostream

Average runtime for a set of 100 million elements (for a CPU with 50M
calculations/second ) -
* Naive Implementation - 4 seconds
* Current Implementation using DSU(Trees) - 16 millisecond

Implementatoin ( 0 - indexed )-
The file dsu.h has a Disjoint set Union class implemented which has following-
* private members - vector par(parent),setsize and rank.
* public members - Constructor(),find(),issame(),unionset(),sizeofset(),

Following is the definition and implementation of the following members -


* vector par - It is a vector that keeps the track of the root of each set.
* set size - It is a vector that keeps the size of the tree of each
* rank - It is a vector that keeps track of the rank of the current
element in the tree.


You can define the object of the class using the following syntax -
dsuset object_name(long long n);
this calls the constructor which initializes n disjoint sets.

* long long object_name.find(long long i)
This finds the root of the tree the current element i is part of.

* long long object_name.issame(long long i,long long j)
This return true if both elements are in the same tree.

* void object_name.unionset(long long i,long long j)
This function clubs together both the sets which have i and j as
elements into a single set.

* long long object_name.sizeofset(long long i)
This returns the size of the tree, the current element i is part of.

* long long object_name.disjointsets()
This returns the number of disjoint sets(trees).

The following implementation has a lot of potential in many applications
regarding the set theory and is majorly used in creating trees and finding
groups in undirected graphs. Famous Graph algorithm Kruskal algorithm is also
implemented using DSU.

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