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Document Scanner using OpenCV in Python

By Sangameshwar Dnyaneshwar Manikwar

It uses different functions of OpenCV available in Python. It takes an image from the camera and scans the biggest contour in the image and outputs the bird's eye view of the contour.

1. It turns on the camera.

2. It takes an image from the camera.

3. Then we resize the image so it is easy to work around with the image.

4. Then we do some pre-processing on the image and turns an image into a suitable format for our use.

5. Then we check for the biggest contour in the image.

6. We take the corner points of this contour.

7. We reorder the corner points in a suitable format.

8. Then we create a transformation matrix with help of the OpenCV function.

9. Then we get a warped perspective (birds-eye view) of the image.

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Submitted by Sangameshwar Dnyaneshwar Manikwar (Sangameshwar18)

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