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Double Linked List using C++

By Mallapuram Sai Hrithik

This project is the implementation of the double-linked list using C++. It performs various operations on the list.

This is a C++ project to perform operations on a double-linked list. The Operations are as follows:-

1. Insert element end of the list

2. Delete element end of the list

3. Insert an element at a given position

4. Delete element at a given position

5. Display list

6. sort list

7. reverse list

8. Insert before an element

9. Delete before an element


There are some advantages to using the double-linked list as they are not contiguous like arrays and the principal benefit of a linked list over a conventional array is that the list elements can easily be inserted or removed without reallocation of any other elements.


NOTE:- To understand the project basic pointers concept is required.

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