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Driver Drowsiness Detection in Python using OpenCV

By Srikalpa Sankeerth

We will create a system using Python and OpenCV to stop these incidents so that the driver will be alerted(both text and alarm) when he feels sleepy.

  • To build a method for sensing driver drowsiness to deter collisions from occurring due to driver exhaustion and sleepiness. (drowsiness)
  • On the highway, you can find people traveling day and night. The lack of sleep causes cab drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers, and long-distance travelers to suffer. Due to this, driving while feeling sleepy becomes very dangerous.
  • We will be using OpenCV in this Python project to capture photos from the webcam that will classify whether the eyes of the individual are 'Open' or 'Closed'.
  • We will use Haar Cascade Classifier because Positive images are the objects of interest that our classifier is trained to detect and negative images are images without the object of interest.
  • In the system, two features are extracted: 

  • ​(1) The features related to Eye region ​

  • (2) The Feature Related to Face Region

  • The drowsy driving detection system is one of the most important methods to reduce traffic accidents.

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