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Drug Store Bill Management using C++


Billing system of a drug store which prints the bill of medicines bought with other relevant information.

This system prints the bill of customers that have purchased drgs from the store. It also has a sytem to store the information of the customers name, address and phone number so that we can track the customer or if that customer returns then we can provide them th emedicine they usually buy.

This system simplifies the billing management by segragating all the information and collecting all the details and storing them safely for future reerence.The code consists of array having various names and phone numbers of customers who have already purchased from that shop. Then it also has an array of all the medicines available in tthe shop and the amount they cost.

When a person comes to the shop, the billing system asks if it's a new customer or an old customer.If new customer, then it's phone number is added to the system and then it proceeds with asking other information like name, email , which medicine and quantity of medicine.If old customer then it simply goes ahed asking information such as name, email , which medicine and quantity of medicine.

The search functtion searches if the medicine is in the store or not by searching through the med array while the found function is to resolve the upper case and lower case issue.

The medicine is class is to enter the details of medicine like name, quantity and availiblity whereas the customer class is to enter the details of customer.

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