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E-Commerce shop Using Python

By Majji Yeswanth Raj

It is an E-commerce project using Python. It has a plethora of features like a person can buy clothes, add them to their carts by logging into their account.

It is a python Project where a customer can either "login" or "register as a new user" to buy clothes, add the products into their carts. In addition, there is an admin account that has all the privileges like adding, removing users and products.


1. Login/register.

2. Add user, delete the user.

3. Add product, delete the product.

4. Check the cart, delete items from the cart.

After logging into the user's account, all the tweaks user did in their account will be saved like removing items from the cart, buying products, etc.

Admin, however, has access to all the features in the program. 


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