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Bank Management System in C++ Using Linkedlist.

By Ashwini Laxman Jadhav

  • Bank management system using linkedlist.cpp
  • Bank management system using linkedlist.exe
  • Here the user can perform all the tasks like creating an account, deposit amount, withdraw amount, listing all acount holders detail, and close an account.

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to implement a bank management system using LinkedList concept. You can implement this project by using array also. But array uses contiguous memory allocation whereas LinkedList uses a dynamic memory allocation so that no need of initial size.

    As you are in need of easy method projects so Linkedlist makes insertion and deletion operations quite easy, as there is no need to shift every element after insertion or deletion. Only the address present in the pointer needs to be updated.

    In this tutorial, you can get more tricks to build different projects in C++.

    Following are some functions that I have created to build this project if you want the whole program code then download it from bellow mentioned file.

     Bank Management System in C++ Using Linkedlist With Source Code.

    using namespace std;
    class node
        float val;
        float cash;
        float phn;
        string email;
        string name;
        string lname;
        int id;
        node * next;
    class bank //new class
        node * head; //first node
        int length = 0;
      head = NULL; //initial address of first node
    void openAccount();
    void displayDetails();
    void insertData();
    void deleteAccount();
    void deposite(int );
    void withdrawal(int );
    void update();
    void search();
    void listing();

    This tutorial is elaborate you about bank management system, which consists of creating an account, deposition, withdrawal and some more functions using linkedlist.

    This project is totally for those who wants to learn about C++ cuncept by applying different data structures. After understanding this tutorial you can easily make different projects using LinkedList.

    The time complexity of insertion and deletion in linked list is minimum. In this tutorial you will learn how to perform insertion and deletion operation using LinkedList, You will get more information about linkedlist.

    The output of above code is 

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