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eCommerce Website Using Django in Python

By Nitish Kumar

The eCommerce website project is created in Django and can be used as a base to create a custom E-com site.

The project has following pacakge requirements: django, django-crispy-forms, pillow.

To create a super user with admin rights, open the project folder where "" is stored and inside the terminal type "python createsuperuser". Fill in the form with username and password.

Then go to admin site login i.e., "localhost:8000/admin".

To modify product details or add or remove a product, go to the admin site i.e., "localhost:8000/admin".

The forgot password functionality is not working, in order for that to work enter a Gmail email and password in the "config.json" file.

I have configured it to work with Gmail, if you want to use another mail service, you can do that by changing the host URL and the port at which it accepts the connection.


Once everything is configured properly, run this command in your terminal "python runserver" and you will be able to see this site at "localhost:8000/".

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