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Edge detection using Python OpenCV

By Shivapriya PS

In this project, we are doing edge detection in the image to find the boundaries in the image. It is built by python OpenCV library

This project is used to detect the edges in the images, It is very useful in image processing, image segmentation, computer vision, and many more. Let us see how it works.

At first, we are importing the necessary python library and we read the given image with imread() method in OpenCV. 

We are creating a kernel. It is a simple 2d matrix that is used to detect edges in the image. BY using the filter2d() method we pass the image and the kernel as the parameters to detect the edge.

finally, we are displaying the original image and the output image in which the edges are detected.

Original image:




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Submitted by Shivapriya PS (shivapriya)

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