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Egg Catcher game in Python using Tinker

By Navya Dua

In this packet , we have created the classic Egg Catcher game using Python. In this game , every egg you catch will make you win 10 points and every fall will make you lose a life.

As kids, we've all played the Egg Catcher game. We've implemented it in Python using the turtle package. In this egg catcher game, you must catch eggs falling across the screen with one basket, which will test your concentration and reflexes. To design an egg catcher game, you'll need to create an animation that shows eggs being dropped in random locations and a basket catching them all.
Building a floor, basket, and eggs is the first step in creating an eggs catcher game in Python. The eggs will slowly slide across the floor as your game begins, generating an animation that signals the eggs are dropping. We can then use loops to keep track of whether the eggs are still in the basket or have fallen to the ground. The end of an event occurs when the egg is caught or dropped. As a result, the egg will be withdrawn, and the game will adjust the score, either boosting it if the egg was caught in the basket or decreasing it if the egg was dropped.
Three Python modules will be used to make this game:

1. To alter the colours of the dropping eggs, use itertools.
2. To have the eggs appear in random spots, use random.
3. To animate the game on the screen, use Tkinter.

Egg Catcher


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