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Email ID generator program in Java

By Abhishek Vishwakarma

The application is based on a company where a new candidate joins and the program will generate an email and a random password for the candidate also the candidate can update his email/password.

Let's see the Problem Statement.

Generate an email with the syntax shown in the description. It should determine the departments. It should generate random Strings for a password. It should be able to change the email and password according to the needs of the user. 

This application is made for a particular company that generates an email for the candidates who join the company and also generates a random password. This program will generate emails for newly joined candidates in the company. The email will be like "[email protected]". The password may vary from "[email protected]#$", the program may generate any password from the given strings. Also, the candidate can change his/her email and password later on according to his need.

To run this project follow the steps

1) Download the zip file and extract it.

2) Then go to your IDE (Intellij, Eclipse, or Netbeans) create a package of the email app.

3) Then copy the code and you will be able to run the program.

4) This project is purely based on basics concepts of Object-Oriented Programming.


Let's see the output of the program

New Employee : Abhishek
Department Codes
1 for Android Developer
2 for Web Developer
3 for Machine Learning
0 for None
Enter the Department : 2
Department : Web
Your Password is N&M9ODERZO
Your Mail box capacity is 1000
Display Name : Abhishek Vishwakarma
Company Email : [email protected]
Mail Capacity : 1000mb
Your New Email Id is [email protected]
Your New Password is [email protected]
Your New Mailbox Capacity is 5000

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