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EMI Calculator using Python Tkinter

By Sumedha Kulkarni

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to create an EMI calculator using Python's Tkinter.

1)Import module Tkinter

from  tkinter import *

2) Create the main window

               A window is an instance of Tkinter’s Tk class.

               Set the dimension and title.

window = Tk()

3)Add widgets

              i)Adding a widget has two steps:

                             a)Create a widget.

                             b)Add it to the window.

             ii)Three labels are created to get user input for amount, rate of interest, and tenure. Three entry boxes are created respectively.

4)Associate a callback function with an event using the command binding.            

             First, define a function as a callback.

             Then, assign the name of the function to the command option of the widget.

             Create a function that will calculate the EMI.

             Create a button.



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