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Employee Data Entry Web Application Using Servlet and MySQL

By Surobhi Bose

A Project to get Employee Detail through web page created using servlet and database in Java.

The project is a web application using Servlet and phpMyAdmin as a localhost. The Employee page has basically four fields in which the user is allowed to enter the thier information that is name, email id, password and choose your country.

The entered detail by the user will be stored at the database. I have used phpMyAdmin and created a table for saving the user information. To use phpMyAdmin, you need to download XAMPP Control Panel. 

After saving the data at the database, a message will be displayed at the web page as "Employee Data Saved Sucessfully...".

In the console section, the result would be displayed in this manner:

Database screen after adding data

XAMMP Screen:


1. Eclipse IDE (any other IDE your prefer)
3. phpMyAdmin

Knowledge of Java and MYSQL.
Basic Knowledge of HTML to create a web page.
Knowledge of JDBC.

Download Complete Code


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