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Employee Management Application Using Java and Oracle

By Kritika Tiwari

An application to store and modify the data of the employees like their age, name and, salary.

An application created in Java Swing and Oracle to maintain the database of the employees.

Our project contains four packages:

employee.gui: All the frontend code will be written here. It contains all the frames and UI elements.

employee.dao(data access object): Contains all the classes that interact with the database. It contains the methods addEmployee(), searchEmployee and, updateEmployee().

employee.dbutil: It contains the database connection class. It contains methods to open and close the connection to the database.

employee.pojo: It contains the classes that contain the data to be stored in the tables.

Database used: Oracle Database 10g Express Edition

JDK version: jdk-13.0.2

IDE: Netbeans IDE 8.2


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