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Employee Management System using C++

By Priyansh Pithar

The User can see all records, edit, add, search and delete records. Basic use of structure, objects, and functions.

Header files: <bits/stdc++.h>,
Code Editor used: Visual Studio Code
Structure: employee{}
Structure data members: String name, desig, dept. Integer: exp, age, eid.
Functions: showall(), add(), remove(), search(), edit() and main()(driver code).
The Employee Management project is planned in C++ language. This framework depends on an idea to store and produce every one of the records of the employees. Additionally, this program has a basic information base of employees where the user can add employee subtleties securely and it's not tedious. This Framework makes it simple to store records of each. Besides, the user can see every one of the records, adjust and eliminate the subtleties. Additionally, this smaller than usual venture is not difficult to work and comprehend by the users.

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